Sunshine Fresh Produce

Sarabian Farms

Sarabian Farms is living proof that multi- generational farming is alive and well, now in its fourth generation as a family grower- shipper specializing in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Sarabian Farms operations all take place in the heart of the Central Valley of California in Sanger, California. 

Sarabian Farms grows, a variety of row crops, which include onions, Asian vegetables, and numerous other seasonal items that vary from year to year. In addition to the row crops, Sarabian Farms has numerous permanent crops under its direct control. These crops include grapes, watermelon, peaches, plums, and nectarines. We also manage a wide array of crops including almonds and pistachios for absentee owners. 

As a complement to our farming operation, we have become pioneers in packaging, as well as operating a state-of-the- art cold storage in Sanger, CA. This combination of growing and packing provides our company the unique ability to custom tailor specific packing styles for the products we grow. 

Additionally, we can custom package many different items for our customers each with our own label, or private label if necessary. We can handle both organic and conventional product.

Our History